The 4 Versatile Modes of the Iruka Bike

The 4 Versatile Modes of the Iruka Bike

The Iruka Bike is redefining urban mobility with its innovative folding design and multiple versatile modes. This sleek and compact bike allows you to seamlessly transition from pedaling to carrying with just a few simple motions. Let's explore the four clever modes that make the Iruka Bike a must-have for city dwellers and frequent travelers

 1. Run Mode: Active Riding Unleashed

The Iruka C bicycle in white.
Run Mode is where the Iruka Bike truly shines as a high-performance ride. With the frame fully extended, the 18-inch wheels provide a smooth and efficient pedaling experience. The built-in suspension system ensures a comfortable journey, even on rough city terrain. Powered by Shimano's renowned internal geared hubs, you can cruise at impressive speeds or tackle steep hills with ease. Run Mode is perfect for your daily commute or exploring the city on two wheels.

2. Wait Mode: A Kickstand at Your Fingertips

Sometimes, you need to make a quick stop without fully folding your bike. That's where Wait Mode comes in handy. By folding the rear wheel partially, it acts as a secure kickstand, allowing you to park your Iruka Bike upright in a minimal space. Whether you're grabbing a coffee or running a quick errand, Wait Mode ensures your bike stays safely in place without the hassle of a traditional kickstand.

3. Walk Mode: Rolling with Convenience

Navigating crowded areas or public transport stations can be a challenge with a traditional bike. But with the Iruka Bike's Walk Mode, you can effortlessly roll your folded ride like a trolley. Both wheels align parallel, transforming the bike into a compact and maneuverable unit. No more struggling to carry your bike up flights of stairs or through busy concourses – Walk Mode makes transportation a breeze.

4. Sleep Mode: Compact Storage, Maximized Space

When you're not riding, the Iruka Bike can be folded into its most compact form with Sleep Mode. This ultra-portable configuration is 30% smaller than ordinary folding bikes, allowing you to store it under your desk, in a car trunk, or even in tight spaces like a train seat. Sleep Mode ensures your bike takes up minimal room, making it the perfect companion for urban living or travel adventures.

With its four ingenious modes, the Iruka Bike adapts to your needs, whether you're an active commuter, an urban explorer, or a frequent traveler. Its versatility and convenience are unmatched, setting a new standard for folding bikes in the city. Embrace the freedom of seamless mobility with the Iruka Bike and conquer the urban landscape with style and efficiency.

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