A man riding the Vanpower Electric bike in the field. Suitable for mountain biking

Meet Blux

Blux holds 15 years of experience in bicycle design and marketing in Japan. Blux moved to the UK for the University of Kent for an MBA. In 2022 Blux started up a new bike company call Unitrax Ltd in the UK. Unitrax will design and source the latest e-innovations for the UK and European markets. High fuel costs, traffic congestion, confined spaces, and a climate emergency. Let's take control and embrace a healthier and greener future together.  

Meet the Unitrax team holding on to the Morfuns Ebikes inlcuding Eole X and Eole S

Our story

Unitrax means Unique tacks(by bike). Unitrax is an international bike company based in the UK. We are a special and professional mobility company. We sell all over the world unique E-bike, bicycle and parts brands. Unitrax are the distributor for the Morfuns, Iruka, Deruiz, Ref and Vanpower they all come from all over the world.

We are UK agents for the Fiido, Eskute, Pvy, Engwe, Kugoo, and Ado. Morfuns is a UK-China Carbon folding E-bike brand. Iruka is a Japanese folding bicycle brand. Ref is a France module bike brand. Deruiz is a German urban E-bike brand, and Vanpower is a US-China E-bike brand. 

At Unitrax, our story is woven with threads of passion, dedication, and a shared love for the world of cycling. What began as a humble idea has evolved into a thriving narrative of commitment to excellence. From the early days of our inception, we set out to redefine the biking experience, driven by a desire to offer enthusiasts a haven for premium products and unparalleled service.

Brand introduction

Our diverse range of bikes mirrors the varied passions and preferences of our riders. From sleek road bikes engineered for speed to rugged mountain bikes designed for off-road excursions, and eco-friendly electric bikes for a sustainable commute, our collection caters to every cycling need. Each model is meticulously crafted, blending performance, durability, and style to provide a ride that exceeds expectations.

Urban Boost Bike on a cobblestone bridge, blending urban commute with historic charm


Our strength lies in the vibrant tapestry of individuals who form the heart and soul of our community. From avid cyclists to dedicated staff, each person contributes a unique thread to the fabric of our culture. It's the passion of our people that fuels our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Together, we embrace the joy of cycling, fostering an environment where ideas flourish, friendships blossom, and the love for two-wheel adventures unites us.

Stylish man in white outfit posing with black Ref Essential bike against a modern building backdrop, showcasing urban lifestyle.


We believe in the power of collaboration to elevate the cycling experience. Partnering with like-minded brands, organizations, and individuals, we aim to enrich our offerings and create a diverse ecosystem for our community. These collaborations go beyond product innovation; they embody shared values, a commitment to sustainability, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of cycling.

The Iruka bicycle is foldable and compact to be fitted into a car trunk.


Sustainability is at the core of our mission. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices within the cycling community. From sourcing materials responsibly to implementing energy-efficient processes, we strive to make every aspect of our operation environmentally conscious. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products; it's a pledge to contribute positively to the planet we love to explore on two wheels.

A man riding the Iruka S bicycle in the woods.


The press plays a vital role in sharing our journey, innovations, and commitment to the cycling community. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with media outlets, journalists, and influencers who help us amplify the stories behind our brand. From groundbreaking product launches to community initiatives, we value the role of the press in spreading the passion for cycling and the values we hold dear.