Iruka C vs. Iruka S: Detailed Feature Comparison of Top Bike Models

Iruka C vs. Iruka S: Detailed Feature Comparison of Top Bike Models


When choosing between the Iruka C and Iruka S folding bikes, offered by Unitrax, it's crucial to consider their specific features and performance capabilities. Each model is designed with different user needs in mind, whether for urban commuting or versatile urban and trail use.

Key Takeaways

Feature Iruka C Iruka S
Design Compact, easy to transport Sleek, larger wheels
Speed Settings 5-speed 8-speed
Riding Style Comfort, relaxed Sport, agile
Frame Material A6061 aluminium A6061 aluminium
Weight 11.9 kg 12.1 kg


Detailed Comparison

1. Design and Build

  • Iruka C: Focuses on comfort with a 5-speed gear system, ideal for relaxed, everyday urban commuting. Its compact and lightweight design (11.9 kg) enhances portability and ease of storage.
  • Iruka S: Engineered for a sportier feel with an 8-speed gear system, making it suitable for faster rides and varied terrains. It weighs slightly more at 12.1 kg, supporting its enhanced durability and performance.

2. Performance and Features

  • Iruka C: Equipped with a Shimano STePS Nexus Inter 5 gear system and a comfortable saddle by Cionlli CL1411, it promises a smooth ride in urban settings.
  • Iruka S: Features the Shimano Alfine 8 gear system and a sport-oriented VELO VL3381 saddle, catering to more dynamic riding experiences.

Handlebar and Riding Posture Comparison Between Iruka C and Iruka S

  • Iruka C:

    • Handlebar Width: The handlebar of the Iruka C is narrower (W490), catering to a more relaxed riding posture that supports comfort during urban commutes.
    • Riding Posture: The design aims to deliver a relaxed experience, suitable for riders looking for ease and comfort on their journeys.


  • Iruka S:

    • Handlebar Width: Slightly wider (W520), the Iruka S handlebar supports a posture that is both sporty and relaxed, giving it versatility for both leisure and more aggressive riding styles.
    • Riding Posture: Its design slightly leans towards a sportier setup without compromising the comfort, making it ideal for those who enjoy a more dynamic riding experience.

Component Comparison Between Iruka C and Iruka S


  • Iruka C: Features the Shimano STePS Nexus Inter 5 22T, ideal for smooth and efficient urban riding with seamless gear transitions.
  • Iruka S: Equipped with the Shimano Alfine 8 18T, offering a broader range of gears for more dynamic and versatile riding conditions.


  • Iruka C: Uses SCHWALBE Kojak 18 x 1.25 tires, known for their speed and agility on paved roads.
  • Iruka S: Sports GMD iruka original 18 x 1.50 tires, providing greater stability and comfort on mixed surfaces.

Wheel Set:

  • Both models use ALEXRIMS DM24 double wall wheels, but the spoke configuration differs to cater to the distinct riding styles of each bike.

Crank Set:

  • Iruka C: Comes with a SHUN Iruka original 56T LT 170mm crankset, supporting a faster pedalling cadence suitable for city commuting.
  • Iruka S: Features a SHUN iruka original 40T LT 170mm crankset, optimized for power and torque needed in varied terrain.

3. Practicality and Usage

  • Iruka C: Its geometry and setup are optimized for ease and comfort, making it a great choice for those who prioritize a hassle-free ride.
  • Iruka S: Offers a bit more in terms of performance and is ideal for riders looking to enjoy both cityscapes and some off-path adventures.


The choice between the Iruka C and Iruka S should be based on your specific needs. The Iruka C is perfect for city dwellers looking for an efficient, easy-to-handle bike, while the Iruka S is suited for those seeking a bit more versatility and performance in their cycling adventures.

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