Prevent theft, secure your ride

Connected Bike Alarm & Anti Theft Monitoring

The logo of Leopard Lync.

Advanced theft prevention

Created by cyclists & bicycle manufacturers to help prevent bicycle theft. The Leopard Lync is a smart security system designed to fit all types of bicycles. Providing real time theft monitoring, movement detection & anti theft alarm. An added layer of protection for your bike & extra peace of mind for you.

Peace of mind when leaving your bike

  • A close up of the Leopard Lync device attached to the bicycle.

    Any unauthorised movement will trigger a loud 109 dB alarm to deter thieves

  • A picture of a person being alerted by the Leopard Lync security system that someone is trying to steal their bike.

    If movement is detected the Lync will send you an instant alert to check on your bike.

  • A picture of a person using the Leopard Lync app on the phone with 4G connectivity and GPS tracking to keep their bike safe.

    4G connectivity and GPS tracking keeps your bike secure in any location.